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"The foundation of our community since 1948"

Serving Northeast Oregon and the Walla Walla Valley | 541-276-6951

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Since 1948

Concrete Expertise

           Superior Products

Handling All Jobs

We provide you with Custom, High Quality Concrete, Aggregate and Rock Solutions for your Residential, Commercial or state and federal projects.

Our capabilities, and consistent quality of all of  our products,have earned PRM Respect and Recognition from our Customers and our Community.

We can handle roadways, bridges, airports, parking lots big and small, residential, commercial and industrial complexes, aquatic centers and more!

We wash and test our round rocks after screening. We also test our concrete at the time of batching. This ensures consistency!

                           Building The Foundation of Our Community since 1948!!!

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Providing you with the highest quality concrete and aggregate solutions

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